Trolleando a Jon Nieve

Por si ser un bastardo en Poniente no fuera suficiente penitencia, parece ser que el bueno de Jon Nieve tiene que aguantar alguna que otra bromita de sus medio-hermanos norteños Stark o de algunos de sus hermanos negros de la Guardia de la Noche (o del mismísimo Samwell Tarly si nos guiamos por la estética del personaje, aunque me niego a creerlo).

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    1. Song is my favorite book. I’m raelly happy with the way the show turned out I followed it from the very first announcement and casting. The book is still more interesting for me (thankfully, I started reading it kinda late with 3 books out and only one year to fourth, but I did have to wait 5 years for the 5th one ), more complex and subtle and full, but the show is raelly awesome the casting is splendid. Tyrion is 100% book, and Arja, and Jaime with his smirk. I loved how the Wall looked too. a0|a0

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