Windows 95 Bought It Up

Aquí, os mostramos la parodia de uno de los anuncios de la compañía Microsoft que triunfó de manera aplastante a finales del siglo XX, dónde se promocionaba el novedoso sistema operativo Windows 95.

El anuncio original

El anuncio que realmente se debería haber emitido…

When I brought it up,
brought Windows home excited to
boot it up
But when I load it up,
it says my memory is not enough
I’ve been running out,
I need some extra RAM to fix me up
I have to configure
Open my wallet up it never stops
Never stops, never stops, never stops

This Windows 95,
it’s sucking all my drive,
It makes a bundy on flight,
but my PC is obsolete
I’ll have to buy myself a brand new machine
Ring it up, set me up

You sucked me and then you got me hooked
You got me, you got me
There’s so much stuff to buy
I need a new hard drive
It’s gonna suck me dry,
my PXX don’t have the speed
It takes an hour just to bring up the screen
Oh no ! I make a software bugs
Oh ! It makes a Bill Gates cum
Yo ! Yo ! You make a rich man come

Saludos :)

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